Senior Strength

Strength, flexibility AND balance moves make up this functional movement workout for seniors for improved health and quality of life.

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band2FIT Resistance Band for Senior Strength

No matter what age or fitness level, the senior-friendly strength training workout can improve overall functional strength.


The workout moves in a circuit format, starting from the left side of the band moving to the right. After warming up, perform 10-15 repetitions of each move for 1-3 circuits. Do the workout2-3 times each week on non-consecutive days.

Access the band2FIT for Senior Strength video, Includes a warm-up and cool down. (take out?)



» Increase muscle and bone mass

» Slow down age-related muscle loss

» Improve balance

» Reduce symptoms of arthritis, osteoporosis and low back pain

» Prevent falls

» Maintain independence and well-being


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