Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Think large rubber bands that provide resistance to your muscles to get them stronger.

All band2FIT resistance bands are made from non-latex synthetic rubber.

In addition to being affordable and portable, band2FIT resistance bands are efficient because they provide resistance in both directions of the movement, they are easy on the joints, and they are adaptable for all fitness levels. 


Simply widen your grip to increase the intensity, and shorten your grip to decrease the intensity.

FIT2order recommends you consult your doctor before starting any exercise regime.

If you receive a band with a tear, have your group's organizer contact FIT2order, and we will replace it. Because our buy/sell relationship is with your group, we are able to communicate with your group organizer. The bands do wear over time, and you should check your band prior to each use.

Typically, we sell to groups or in bulk quantities. 

Yes, we can. We can develop band2FIT programs for certain sports, chronic illnesses, and events.

Contact us @[email protected]

Depending on how your group has set up access, you can use the QR code on the band or access the link sent to you from your group via email.

"We've Got Your Back" boxes are gift boxes (think holiday, employee on-boarding, open enrollment or client gifts) filled with tools for the Desk Jockey, including a band2FIT, an ebook with over 100 quick recipes, and a tennis ball and guide for self-massage.


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