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band2FIT Strength Tool

"Doable" strength training for Travel, Desk Jockeys, Seniors, Kids, and Cancer Survivors.

A signature strength program imprinted ON the band.

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band2FIT for Everyone

A strength training tool for Travel, Desk Jockeys, Seniors, Kids, and Cancer Survivors.

Total Body

Tone up wherever, whenever with FIT2Order’s total body resistance band workout. The workout targets every major muscle group and is suitable for ALL FITness levels.

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Senior Strength

Strength, flexibility AND balance moves make up this functional movement workout for seniors for improved health and quality of life.

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Combat computer posture and improve overall health with band2FIT’s Posture edition. The series of posture correction exercises can easily be done seated or standing at any workstation and conveniently stored in a desk drawer.

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Strengthen the abdominals and back for functional strength and flexibility training. A strong core will help to prevent and improve low back pain and improve posture.

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Breast Cancer Recovery

The band2FIT for Breast Cancer Recovery is a practical and safe home strength program. Designed exclusively for the breast cancer survivor, the resistance program will help survivors regain muscle and bone strength.

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Cancer Recovery

Surviving cancer and cancer treatment are major accomplishments. The next step for many survivors is to transition back to fitness for long-term health. Rebuild loss muscle with band2FIT's Cancer Recovery program.

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band2FIT for Kids is resistance play at its finest! Not only will your kids' growing bodies develop functional strength and improved balance, but the sensory integration and crossing the midline exercises can help improve focus and attention.

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band2FIT for Travel addresses the CDC's recent warning that traveling long-distance flights for more than 4 hours can put seated passengers and crew at risk for blood clots. While sitting immobile and cramped for long periods, the band empowers travelers with movements they can do seated and fastened. 

Low Back

Learn how to prevent and alleviate generalized low back pain at work using the band2FIT Low Back FITness exercise band.


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